Sports – Specific Yoga

“Sports Specific Yoga significantly improves sports performance”

I am an Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™ working within Yoga Sport Science, one of only a few fully qualified, recognised and registered in the U.K. and across the world. I work with athletes, teams, performers, dancers, physical performers, actors, singers, coaches and NGB’s etc. on adding value to any aspect of training to improve and enhance performance to achieve that extra edge.
Yoga Sport Science enables an athlete to integrate training techniques – sport specific yoga techniques with traditional modern training, sports science and periodization training to enhance sports performance.

We actively research the benefits of yoga within sport and performance and have completed successful research papers on various sports introducing Sport Specific Yoga Techniques into training to enhance sports performance in athletes. Sports Specific Yoga will improve your performance and make you a better athlete, no matter what your sport or discipline.

We have developed specialised programmes and techniques for athletes across a broad range of sports and disciplines. The statistics demonstrate that Sports Specific Yoga Techniques that have been developed through Yoga Sport Science® are extremely advantageous at all levels of sport and performance, be it at a grass root level right through to elite, Olympians and professionals.
It links in extremely well with many aspects of an athletes’ and performers continued development, particularly strength and conditioning training. No previous experience of Yoga is required.

Yoga Sports Science® facilitate athlete’s and performer’s

  • Development and enhancement of concentration and focus
  • Enhanced physical performance, stamina, agility, fitness and endurance
  • Improved functional strength and conditioning
  • Development of structural core stability and increased range of motion
  • Improved functional stability and mobility and balance
  • Aid injury prevention and recovery from injury
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of the breath through performance breathing techniques.
  • Effective management of tension and control stress levels
  • Improved explosive power and explosive breathing
  • Improved proprioception, spatial awareness and body awareness
  • Greater motor control and develop an improved movement accuracy
  • Increases longevity within chosen field
  • Improved reaction times and biomechanical efficiency
  • Corrections to muscle imbalances and joint instability, perpetuated through repetitive and unbalanced sports
  • Reduced recovery times – restorative posture work benefits the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems

I am available to work with athletes, performers, coaches, individuals, teams and NGB’s,  be it on a one to one basis, workshops, team or group sessions and weekly / monthly / seasonal classes along with Biomechanical Assessments.

Specific areas can be focused on and tailored to individual, team or sport / discipline requirements. Any space or situation can be adapted to work in, be it indoors or outdoors, track side, pitch side etc., as each programme is specifically designed with the sport and team / individual / coach in mind.

Sessions maybe booked for as short or as long as is required. Workshops usually run for 1 – 2 hours and classes for the same length of time. Interventions with individuals or teams may even be as short as 10 – 30  minutes once a programme has been established.