Improve Sports Performance with Sport-Specific Yoga

“Sports – Specific Yoga can significantly improve an athlete’s performance.”

Unlock Your Maximum Performance Potential

Enhance your sports performance, no matter what your sport or discipline. I will work with you individually, as a team or group, to increase and improve your potential.

Gain Without Pain

Helping you achieve your maximum sports performance potential with proven and safe techniques.

Tailored For You

Sport – Specific Yoga complements your existing training, providing the additional qualities needed for you to succeed at the highest level.

Utilising techniques developed in collaboration with some of the U.K. and world’s top athletes and coaches. I have the right programme for you.

A Recognised Way Of Improving Physically And Mentally

Many athletes and performers already benefit from Sport – Specific Yoga. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced physical performance, stamina, agility, fitness and endurance
  • Improved functional strength and conditioning
  • Fewer injuries and recovery from injury
  • Effective management of tension and control stress levels
  • Corrections to imbalances
  • Reduced recovery times

‘I never imagined my performance could improve so markedly by incorporating sport specific yoga into my training!’ Professional Cricketer

‘I have now learnt how to centre and control my breathing at the beginning of a race to focus and calm my nerves. This continues throughout the race and has changed my performance and breathing patterns tremendously’ Marathon Runner

‘Who knew my stamina, agility and strength & conditioning could get any better, I thought I was at my peak. I’ve been injury free for years now too!’ European Martial Arts Champion

‘My dynamic balance has improved massively as I move across the pitch’ Premier League – Professional Footballer